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Owner-operator businesses are tomorrow’s powerhouses. They are personally engaged in building successful organizations for their families and employees. The investors and operators in GVC Americas come from families who have built wealth. They are motivated by their work, their wealth, and their legacy to help you take the next step in building something enduring. To them, money is personal too.

When you don’t want Private Equity in your business, GVC Americas is your Private Equity Partner

GVC Americas works with you, respecting your dreams, recognizing your operational competency – adding knowledge of growing wealth.

Turning businesses into enterprises

Owner-operators have built strong businesses. GVC Americas help grow these businesses into successful enterprises.

Extraordinary businesses need extraordinary partners to reach their next growth horizon

GVC Americas does not work with ordinary companies. We work with extraordinary companies in an extraordinary way that emphasize integrity, stewardship and collaboration.

GVC Americas

GVC Americas is not a traditional Private Equity Firm. We don’t invest in businesses. We invest alongside owner-operators in their organizations. We are seasoned investors with a background in the owner-operator business environment.

“Lauren and the GVC Americas team spent the time getting to know our business, provided growth capital, and now guides us rather than directs us”.

Ashlea Souffrou, Founder and CEO, SxanPro

“I have worked alongside GVC Americas and Eli in several different companies. His approach is different. He is not managing a portfolio of companies, he is IN those companies, providing the support we need.”

Curt Rutsky, Founder and CEO, Syntac Coated Products

“When you operate a growth-focused business, you want to keep your eyes on the road without distraction. Working with GVC Americas made this possible. The money took care of itself.”

Kevin Liszewski, Chief Executive Officer, Encore Medical Device Repair

“I have seen private equity firms tear up businesses and force square pegs into round holes because the formula dictated so. GVC Americas doesn’t work like that. Instead of disrupting the business, they support the business.”

Erik Tivin, Healthcare Entrepreneur

“Eli and his team enabled us to invest in bold, long-term investments at the expense of near-term profitability resulting in rapid organic revenue growth and expanding profit margins.”

Grant Wilson, CEO, Force Management

“The team was very supportive and struck the right balance – they were involved, but never disrupted.  Eli came through in a very supportive fashion during a move by another investor to exert undue influence.”

Tom Knauff, Founder and CEO, Energy Distribution Partners

Building Together

GVC Americas builds enduring companies that others want to own. We have curated an environment of operators, entrepreneurs, industry specialists, and investors. The GVC environment can be leveraged to achieve synergies, produce growth, and provide a lifetime network of like-minded business partners.

Focused on you

GVC Americas only invests in companies with a specific leadership mindset and with specific goals – within industries that we know. We invest in owner-operators who want to diversify their wealth through re-capitalization or seek a partner to return to their market for a second venture. We invest in healthcare and business services, where circumstances exist to find operational leverage and develop meaningful, durable growth.

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What We Do

GVC Americas invests with owner-operators who want to diversify their wealth through re-capitalization or seek a partner to return to their market for a second venture.

How We Do It

At GVC Americas, you will meet like-minded people who can provide you access to financial success while respecting what you built, learning how it works, and contributing what you need.

We respect your passion and your goals, and we recognize that you know how to run your company. What we provide is knowledge about growing your wealth.

We meet you where you are – and we understand the most impactful ways to bring outsized growth to your business. We are passionate about your success and the value we deliver.

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